Canada hosts many international students every year. The country offers specialized courses, excellent infrastructure and faculty. Most international students need a study permit to study in Canada but some individuals can be exempt from it. We have explained all the cases in which a foreign international may not need a study permit. by Sayal Immigration Inc. can help you in assessing your options as an international student in Canada. Contact us to know if you can study without a study permit in Canada.

Short-term Courses in Canada

As an international student in Canada, if you are engaged in any academic, vocational or professional course and/or training with a duration of no more than 6 months, you do not require a study permit. These short courses can be full-time or part-time and may belong to any stream of studies.

It is mandatory that you complete your course in six months or less. If you fail to complete your short-term course within this time period, you will not be given an extension on your visa solely for this purpose.

You may consider applying for a study permit from outside Canada if:

  • You want to work on-campus or anywhere in Canada while completing your course.
  • You have plans of pursuing a course that cannot be completed within 6 months.
  • You want to do an apprenticeship or training after completing your course.
  • You are planning to apply for PGWP.
  • You want to use your Canadian education for immigration.

There are various promising short-term courses in Canada for international students. Book a session with us to know how a short-term diploma in Canada can help your career.

[A30(2)] Minor Children Inside Canada

Minor children, who are residing in Canada at the time of enrolling in a school, can study without a study permit. Minors can study at private schools in Canada at any level. Children of temporary workers, temporary students, permanent residents and Canadian citizens are eligible to study without a study permit, given they are below 18 years of age. This umbrella does not cover children of temporary visitors and tourists.

Diplomats and Related Personnel

Foreign representatives and diplomats, accredited with Global Affairs Canada (GAC), enjoy a number of perks. Their dependent family members and the members of their private staff can study in Canada without a study permit.


  • You can be a spouse or common-law partner.
  • You must have a diplomatic or official visa.
  • Dependent children must be below 19-years of age

And more

Members of the Armed Forces

Under the Visiting Forces Act, members of the armed forces who belong to designated states, who are landing in Canada to attend training sessions with less than or up to 6 months of duration can complete their training without a study permit.

These members and dependent minor children do not require an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a temporary resident visa (TRV) and a medical examination. It is important to note other family members are required to follow the necessary protocol that is mandatory for a general foreign national.


Q1. Will a short-term diploma course in Canada increase my CRS score?

No. At least 12-months of education at a DLI is required if you want to earn extra CRS scores or to qualify for CEC.

Q2. Can I get a post-graduate study permit after completing a short-term course in Canada?

No. PGWP is issued to international students who have completed 12-months of full-time learning at a designated learning institute in Canada.

Q3. I have Canadian PR. Do my children need a study permit for their high-school education?


Q4. Can I extend my study visa if I plan to study further in Canada?

If you wish to study for more than 6 months in Canada, you have to apply for a study permit.

Q5. Can I request an extension on my study visa if I am unable to complete my course within 6 months?

No. No extension on a study visa is given in this case.

Q6. Do I need a study permit if I am coming for a high-school exchange program for one semester?

While a high school year is 10 months long, a single semester is only 4-months long. Therefore, you do not need a study permit.

Q7. Do I need a study permit if I am coming for a college exchange program for one semester (4-months) but I wish to work on-campus?

No study permit is required for a 4-months long semester but if you are planning to work in Canada, whether on or off-campus, you need a study permit.

Q8. I wish to extend my 4-months long ESL or FSL course for another three months at the same DLI. Do I need a study permit?


Q9. My 5-months long study program includes on-job training or apprenticeship. Is a study permit required?

Yes. In order to work in Canada as a foreign national or an international student, you need a valid study permit or work permit.

Study in Canada without a Study Permit

Not every international student requires a study permit to study in Canada. However, if you are planning to pursue short-term courses in Canada, it is important that you consult with a professional to understand if you fall under the same category or not. As your Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, by Sayal Immigration Inc. strives to give you the most accurate information to help you get one step closer to your dream. Contact us today to know more.